Welcome to the PapersToPee Website

This website has been established to help people collaborating on opposition to the silliness currently at work in the Arizona Legislature, with particular attention to the "Papers to Pee" amendment that was proposed (since withdrawn) to SB 1432, the "No Potty for You" amendment to SB 1045, and the "Discrimination Restoration Act" amendment to SB 1178.

This is a private website, to the extent that anything on the web is "private", and is not intended for public distribution. When we are ready to release public statements, we will do so in another forum. We will vociferously disclaim anything lifted from this location without authorization.

Feel free to use these materials in developing your own oppositional strategies. This is still a work in progress, so if you have any new ideas, please share them with the rest of us, by emailing them to webmistress@PapersToPee.org

Thank you,

The Management